1.  Check the land is CMDA or DTCP approved. Check the original approved drawings

2. Check all the documents (Parent Documents, Documents, Patta, Chitta, Adangal, till data Encumbrance Certificate (EC), approved plan, Planning Permit, Gift deed of roads and parks, NOC from Concern Department).

Nothing Speaks than Documents in buying a land so please kindly check all the papers related to the Documents very clearly before buying

3. Check and enquire from the nearly people is there any other problems and is there any objections in the nearby areas like archeological NOC or any other restrictions in that Area.

4. Check whether we can avail  Bank Loans for the property.  Buy only CMDA or DTCP Approved lanjs after all verification )Most of the Crimes like Double documents and other cheatings are happening in unapproved lands so please aware of it).

5. Check properly all the Revenue Records which is there in the owners name  (Patta, Chitta, Adangal etc.)

6. Don"t go behind free gifts (Remember that they are giving the gifts from your money)

7. Check the nearby developments and facilities like Transport Schools, Colleges, Hospitals & Companies.

8. Please check properly and verify Death, Legal heir certificate and all other certificates related to the properly from the concern department (please aware many were easily modifying by DTP work or by Photoshop)

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